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BB Piano
In public news...

A 6am wake up from Amélie? Possibly. I forget. I know I had a bit of a lie in, trying to catch up with the lost sleep of the last few days. We headed off to Bexley around 12:30pm, arriving just after 2pm.

It was a fun BBQ, and we stayed until around 5pm, with a similar journey time back.

Amélie slept a bit on the way back, but woke up when we arrived home. She almost slept again once in the house, but woke up and had some dinner. I gave her a bath afterwards, and she's gone to bed subsequently.

And that's about it really. I can't be arsed with the detail today.

There's no hope of Birdworld tomorrow because the forecast is dreadful. In any event it looks like we're going to Ed & Ana's new place, so we'll be under cover.

A few photos from this afternoon...

Amélie & Dog

^Inevitably Amélie loved the dog, owned by those hosting the BBQ today. She was throwing a ball for it, and laughing like a drain.

Amélie + Lawnmower

^Along with the dog there were a mountain of toys in the garden. Here she is with one of two lawnmowers.

Lu & Amélie

^And here are both Lu and Amélie, with Amélie eating that BBQ classic, an apple.

All 33 photos from today are here at Flickr.


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