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For your most recent job, how many interviews were required?

None, I've never worked
Other (please comment)

When you've interviewed successfully for a job, do you negotiate on salary?

Other (please comment)

How important is your job in your life?

It's everything!
Fairly important
It pays the bills
Not important
Other (please comment)

What poll question do you have about jobs?

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Other = a presentation and an interview, which is standard procedure for academic jobs.

Also, academic jobs are just too hard to come by to start negotiating on salary!

By the way, I don't know if a part-time job counts. But for the record, I voted.

I'm self-employed, so the first two questions don't make much sense.

As for the third question, I'm at a loss for how "importance" works as a scale. I really enjoy what I do (mucking around with firewalls, mail servers and other computers), and I'm constantly delighted that there are people out there who are happy to let me play with theirs, and want to pay me for doing so. I don't know how "important" that makes it.

If you weren't to have the job, would you feel like you'd lost something? If you would, then presumably it's important to you.

I chose 'other' on question 1 - I've been running my own company for 2 years now. The interview with myself went really well. ;P

Prior to that, it was always just 1 interview before getting hired.

Those auto-interviews are *so* much easier ;-)

Technically, I could have negotiated about wage in the job I started this year... but I was so excited about getting it, I was fine with what they offered :)

That's my doubt. Usually I'm a bit "job hungry" at the time, so don't feel in a position to negotiate. Also it seems rather rude, but at the end of the day I guess it's about self worth.

I guess it's different for me in that I'm in the NHS and so my job is banded in pay -- the only thing I could have haggled about was my starting entry into the pay band of a higher paid job, which felt like more than it was worth (for a maximum of £200 a year as well).

When I worked at the Environment Agency one of the guys there was telling me how he haggled on the entry pay, as it's banded there as well. I hadn't even thought about it :-) Although at the time I was just glad of the job.

In the UK, if a recruitment company puts you forward, they negotiate about pay. It really takes the pressure off the interview. Often you know the range in advance and after the interview, if they're interested, they tell the recruiter what they're prepared to pay. The recruitment company gets a cut of your pay, so they want it to be as high as possible. Works for me.

Yeah, also on teh self-employed wagon. No interviews...I already know me.

For the first question, the answer is none because I wasn't interviewed, not because I've never worked.

No interview was required for my most recent job, but it's just an on-campus job a my university, so it might not count.

1. I'm agency, so no interview required.
3. My old job was one of the most important things in my life 'cause it helped me keep my sanity. See my latest poll for my opinion on my newest job though. :/

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