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Union Jack Y Fronts
I was watching one of those BBC breakfast news debates this morning, although I forget what the specific topic was - generally it related to teaching religion in schools, and they had the usual couple of people representing the extremes, that being someone very pro-religion in schools, and someone very pro-secularism. I was surprised to hear, with a smattering of secondary surprise that I hadn't realised the UK state mandates some form of Christian (Protestant) assembly in all government schools, along with Christian based RE (Religious Education) lessons. Although on second thoughts perhaps this isn't so surprising based on the Protestant roots.

I'm not sure what the latest figures are for the various religions, or lack of, in the UK, but with the continuing decline of religion (looking long term) surely it's time for government provided education to be secular. Aside from the lack of religious democracy - it's lunacy to force one particular religion/belief just because it's the majority religion.