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And forgot to mention the wondrous BBC Science with Dr. Karl podcast. For starters Dr. Karl is some kind of a genius, and seems to have a photographic memory in the way he answers myriad questions. Also the guy has the most wonderful voice, very sing song (with an Australian accent). Plus of course the myriad questions are more often than not entertaining, with equally entertaining answers.

Anyway, recommended for science geeks.

Edit: Out of around 20 podcasts I started listening to, my current favourites are:

Adam and Joe - although I already listen to their Saturday morning BBC Radio 6 Music show in its entirety, this is the distilled version of it in podcast form, with a few extras thrown in. Would probably be liked by middle to upper class white male nerdy types.
(Adam Curry's) Daily Source Code - although I find Mr. Curry a bit frustrating when he starts rambling on with his conspiracy theories, and I don't really sync with his musical choices, he is still often an interesting guy to listen to, pretty sharp, and has a great radio voice. Plus as mentioned before, I like that he frequently updates, talks now and then about technology (particularly podcasting technology), and lives close by in G-town (Guildford). I could have sworn the RSS link has vanished from his site though...
Dumbed Down Life - so far a weekly offering (I think) from daz71, alucard_uk and Doug, with fun general chat around various topics. Beware the geeky laughter and lots of talking over each other ;-)
Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo - Aforementioned podcast which is a distilled version of their BBC Radio 5 Live show with film reviews and related chit chat. It's more the case that Simon Mayo is the presenter, and Mark Kermode is the film critic, although Mayo seems to be a film lover also. Kermode can be frustrating with his super-fast-don't-take-a-breath talking, and opinionated... opinions? Although he's hard to take too seriously (it seems to be mostly tongue in cheek), and more so they do present the opinions/reviews of listeners, often when they conflict with Kermode's view.
Windows Weekly - Presented by Paul Thurrott and Leo Laporte, IIRC the former is the Windows expert and the latter is more the honey-toned presenter. I only listen to this really for work reasons, in case anything interesting pops up, and to keep in touch with developments in the Windows world.

And I keep meaning to listen to Games Weasel - about computer/video games if you hadn't guessed.
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