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Religion 'linked to happy life'. European researchers echo previous research that those with a faith are better able to cope with the shocks of life, with religion acting as a buffer, which in turn leads to an overall happier life.

Dextre robot now fully assembled. The International Space Station's robot, Dextre, has now been fully assembled and is ready for testing. Dextre is expected to takeover most of the external work on the station, and is equipped with tools, grippers, grapples, sensors, cameras and lights.

A380 to make UK commercial debut. The super-jumbo lands at Heathrow, which has required around £500m of upgrades to service the plane.

How 'gay' became children's insult of choice Apparently "gay" is now the word of choice if you want to insult and be one of the kids, followed in second and third place by "bitch" and "slag".

And in other news, Lego Team Fortress! Borrowed from gamers...

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