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Not much in the way of plans for the weekend, yet. Part of me is glad about that, and part of me (that is still alive following the holiday) says I should get out there and do something less boring instead.

I might do another podcast as (a) Dolphin Music are predicting the microphone I ordered *might* be in stock at the end of May, and that's just too frickin' far away and (b) I need to record a podcast intro promised for thelovebug's podcast (don't worry Dave, I still haven't forgotten! Although I still have no idea what to do other than the necessary ;-), so will at the very least need to plug my current microphone in - if I've gone that far I might as well record a podcast. These things are always difficult with Lu around, but who knows, she might join in (or not).

I was also thinking of doing a brief YouTubular video review of the exercise bike. I couldn't find a single review for the bike when I bought it, and although I don't profess in the slightest to be some sort of expert on the topic, I can at least give my inexpert viewpoint. In short I'm happy with it, so far.

I'm still pondering on getting the EOS400D, perhaps even with Argos's 6 months interest free credit option. Maybe I'll just enjoy thinking about it some more.

GTA4 next week, although I won't have as much time to play it as I had with the previous versions. I'll have to check to see if Fleet's Game are opening at midnight, although it will be the first time (assuming I go) that I've ever bought a game at stupid o'clock. It will be interesting to see how it turns out. The adverts, inevitably perhaps, look slick, and so far the noise seems to be positive.

I hadn't spotted that Rock Band's instruments don't come with the game! Which puts the overall game cost near £150. I suspect I'll still buy it though.

I've got and listened to Juno Reactor's recently released Gods & Monsters. As seems to be the theme of late, I'm in two minds about it. It's not as good as Labyrinth in my opinion, although it's somewhat similar. I suppose the problem with it is that it's too derivative, and lacks the originality of Labyrinth.

Watched The Constant Gardener last night. The basic story is that the activist wife (Rachel Weisz) of a British diplomat (Ralph Fiennes) in South Africa is murdered, amid corporate conspiracy. Overall it was a good film, although the corporate conspiracy theme for me was the biggest issue, as it lacks originality. Even so there are a few twists along the way, stand out performances, direction and cinematography. Recommended for fans of the genre. 4/5
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