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Hmmm, so I've managed to figure out how to get Winamp to check for and download new podcasts automatically - well more so that I had changed the settings and couldn't seem to get them to apply, but all of a sudden it started working a few weeks back. Except that now it seems to download the same podcasts repeatedly, at random intervals. It could potentially be a bug, as I don't remember having this issue prior to 5.531.

In other news, watched REC last night. The film is Spanish language, and one of those hand-held style "documentary" films, similar to the likes of Cloverfield and Diary of the Dead. The story kicks off with a reporter and cameraman tailing a crew of firemen on a nightly visit. They end up in a building where someone has been attacked, and things start to turn supernatural. And so things unfold. For me it had more scares and content than Cloverfield, even if the production values were inevitably not on the same level, although it did try very hard. Inevitably recommended for horror fans, although not people who dislike wobbly cameras. 4/5

Looks like we might be off to Kew Gardens, although my feeling was we should have got there for opening time...
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