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If my email is to be believed my microphone has *finally* shipped from Dolphin Music (don't use these guys if you want something in a rush!). Although it's being shipped to my parents house, so I've still got to get it from there to here, assuming they're in when it's delivered. Podcasts may yet still happen...

I also ordered and received, much more quickly, a Brodit in-car mount for the TyTN from the bemusingly named The bracket that fit to the dashboard went in with the minimum of fuss, but connecting it with the self tapping screws to the phone mount was not so easy. I gave up trying to self tap the screws and drilled.

And... I also ordered and received the wipers I meant to order yonks back, thanks to the advice from tsutton. I haven't had a chance to install them yet as (a) ironically it has been pissing down with rain and (b) I want to do a decent job of it, including the necessary windscreen clean. It's only down to my saint-like patience that I've managed to put up with the current wipers for this long.

Work has been madness the last couple of days, including a stay until 10pm last night. Compounded with the website work I haven't had a minute to myself until... well, now.

Plans for the weekend include waiting in for a delivery Saturday morning, a possible viewing of Iron Man on Saturday, and a visit to my sister's on Sunday.
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