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So Rock Band the actual game has shipped as well apparently, although the Band in a Box part hasn't turned up yet at my parents. It's coming via ParcelForce though, and despite have a tracking number I have a feeling that the number only works once delivered. So will it all arrive by tomorrow?...

In other news, I took the first of the stomach acid reduction tablets yesterday, and I feel no better or worse for it yet. Some of the ingredients have the most bizarre and amusing names, which I might post later. Also the medication is described as a "proton pump inhibitor". They do realise I'm not a spaceship, right?

The Sky HD box is still proving to be less than brilliant, specifically in relation to the Sky+ part. We've had one or two failed recordings per week, with the cryptic error of "power cut". In reality the box is turning itself off for no obvious reason, as it happened while we were watching something else. Reasons for it seem to vary, but one theory is the power supply is just poor quality, another is that it is related to signal strength, although this was fine when it was installed. Terry was an early adopter, and has gone through 4 boxes in the past couple of years! This does not bode well. Anyway, the "power cut" errors have changed to "no signal" errors this week, despite the box behaving perfectly normally otherwise. In a fit of frustration, as it missed a couple of programmes I really wanted to see, I sent a steaming email off to Sky last night. Fair play to Sky though as I had an email this morning with an apology and they've booked a technician to visit tomorrow!

I've got a day in lieu tomorrow - after lots of uhmming and aahing from my boss - although the BBC's forecast seems to be changing every few hours; it has gone from sun to light showers, to light rain, and is currently showing heavy showers. If the Sky technician turns up early I might go and see Speed Racer, as the Odeon Guildford only has a single lunchtime showing - clearly it's popular! Lu says she isn't fussed about seeing it. I'm taking my car to be serviced and MoT'd early on. Thankfully the Ford garage is only a mile or so from Lu's office, so we can swap cars over fairly easily. I'm expecting the rear tyres to be close to replacement, but I'm hoping nothing else is wrong.
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