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Diet day 3, and I feel like I have a lot more energy today, and feel semi back to normal. We went baby clothes and food shopping yesterday, and it was about all I could manage to take the bags back to the car.

To try and keep my mind occupied I've been watching varied TV. This included an old download (from January) of What Britain Earns, which made semi-satisfying viewing. It raised some old questions about the value of someone's work, and the lack of wealth distribution (even in the UK), but then seemed to ditch the more interesting debate in terms of the more sensationalist "who earns a lot of money". One of the most frightening/sad/illuminating parts was someone employed to organise the cupboards of someone else, including photographing and categorising (at £1000 a day). This was aside from those employed to clean sewers and fight wars.

Also watched Day of the Dead (the 2008 remake). From what I remember of the original it bears very little if any resemblance, other than the military bunker connection. The basic story centres around a quarantined US town, quarantined for zombieitis of course, and does the usual following of characters who get zombified one-by-one. I'm a zombie film fan, but even so it scrapes a charitable 3/5.

Also watched The 11th Hour which was being shown on C4. I wasn't giving it my 100% attention, but unlike An Inconvenient Truth it just seemed to be a lot of doom-mongering spiel, rather than putting the case for global warming. There's the same old issue that generally speaking people aren't really going to change their way of life substantially until they are directly affected in some significant way. Kudos at least to DiCaprio, my less than favourite actor, for trying.

Blade Runner fans who've not already watched The Final Cut, and have Sky, might want to take note The Final Cut's being shown a couple of times at least this week. In fact Dangerous Days is on right now on Sky Scifi/Horror, followed by The Final Cut.

Plans for today are to try and visit Terry (and baby), and we're going to see Indy 4 with the parents. The weather's taken a turn for the worse, with rain forecast every day for the next 5 days actually scratch that, the forecast has changed and we're apparently due 25C and sun on Wednesday, with only light showers forecast on Friday (other than today's heavy showers).

Edit: and congrats to NASA for getting Phoenix to Mars.
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