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If my rather awful memory serves correctly, I once waxed lyrical, as much as it's possible to wax lyrical, about the ridiculous product that is a dishwasher freshener; a device that hangs in your dishwasher, much like those things that hang on the edge of toilet bowls, and removes malodours. Naive fool that I am, I couldn't believe that a dishwasher - a thing that washes itself to all intents and purposes - would need such a thing.

So, what did the wife and I buy last week? A dishwasher freshener. Yes, we have a smelly dishwasher. We've also bought a thing (well, technically Lu bought a thing) that you run the dishwasher with to eliminate limescale, although that's on the basis that we live in a place that has water harder than Vinnie Jones; for lack of a better metaphor.

In other news, as life is relatively problem free my mind is wandering to other deep and meaningful topics such as: what do I spend my birthday money on? Technically I've yet to have my birthday as it's a couple of weeks away, and chances are I'll be mostly self funding my own present, but I thought I'd make a head start nonetheless. So far I'm torn between:

1. An HTC Diamond mobile phone. Pros: looks nice and has in-built GPS. Cons: lack of keyboard, and TomTom might be bundled when the locked version makes its way to a provider, although currently no UK provider has mentioned it.

2. A Canon 400D SLR digital camera. Pros: might allow me to take better photos. Cons: will the cost justify the quality difference? Lugging a large camera around.

3. An Oregon Scientific WMR 200 Advanced Weather Station. Pros: yep I admit it, I'm a weather junkie, and find external temperature, rainfall levels, and wind speeds of vague interest. This particular weather station has data logging, that is it retains data with or without a PC attached, although it's very much entry level compared with some other (more expensive) "amateur" stations out there (we have the Davis VP2 Wireless Special Bundle at work, along with the flippin' expensive WeatherLink... although I could "borrow" work's copy). Cons: will I get bored with it after a few days of geek-ery?

4. Waiting until something else comes along.

What would you do?

Buy the HTC Diamond
Buy the Canon 400D
But the WMR200
Wait until something else comes along
Other (please comment)
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