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I'm very much looking forward to seeing Wall-E. Looks like it will be some classic Disney, with a couple of Peter Gabriel songs thrown in to boot.

Hancock is also likely in a weekend or two.

In other news looking through the trailers...

Hellboy 2 looks like it could be fun.

Eagle Eye also looks like it could be fun; Shia LeBouf in an action story about being blackmailed into committing some crime, or so it appears.

Bolt looks like a cookie cutter Disney film.

Burn After Reading looks like another good Coen brothers film.

Dead Air looks like a fun zombie film, if you like zombie films.

Disaster Movie looks like another brainless spoof comedy, perhaps worth it for the Sarah Jessica Parker-a-like.

The Punisher: War Zone looks like cheap and not so cheerful comic hero nonsense.

Death Race appears to be Mad Max meets The Running Man and looks like it could be a reasonable action flick.

Elegy looks like an interesting romantic tale of the aged Ben Kingsley falling, or not being sure about falling for Penelope Cruz.

I've not heard anything about Star Wars: The Clone Wars before, but it looks like it could be an interesting (animated) and darker take on the Star Wars universe.

Religulous looks like an interesting and blackly comical look at religion.

Choke looks amusing, and I have a vague memory of reading this back when it was first written.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Rom com, possibly with a difference.

Mummy 3 has switched to Chinese mummies, but looks like a fun action flick.

I was already fascinated by the story idea for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and the trailer hasn't quenched that - the story of a man who ages backwards.

Mirrors looks like an interesting supernatural thriller.

Surfwise looks like an interesting documentary about a family of 11 people that travelled the US in a camper.
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