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Had a good day today. Woke very early but went back to bed for a mid-morning sleep and some daydreams. Lu is Olympics crazy and watching everything - I loved the opening ceremony, but that was about it for me. We didn't get away until gone 3pm, and went to see Nan, who was surprisingly well. Afterwards we stopped at Mum and Dad's for an hour, and it was great to see them as always.

Managed to drop the 450D when I swung the camera bag around and didn't realise it was open. It must have fallen half a metre or so onto carpet, and although it made a thud it seems to be OK... I would have liked to walk through the forest north of us and take some photos, but unfortunately there was a repeat of yesterday and the rain swept in again.

We're planning another BBQ next Saturday, and have invited Barry & Jo and Ed & Ana so far.
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