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So most of my earlier best laid plans went by the wayside and I ended up just going to Maplin and Tesco. At the former I bought said satellite-remote-repeater-thingy, but for some reason it's not working. I plugged it directly into the wall socket, checked that the RF outlet is turned on, but no dice. Next thing to try is plugging directly into the Sky box, but I don't want to do this until the current recordings are done in case I pull the power. I'm hoping that when I last broke the thing I didn't somehow damage the socket when the cable was pulled out, although I still get a perfect picture which would suggest not. I primarily went to Tesco to try and buy some papayas for Lu. Unfortunately I had the same problem Lu had a couple of days back as there were none in stock. So instead I bought some half price Ben & Jerry's (Baked Alaska, which I've not yet had, and Caramel Chew Chew! Yay!), a bunch of naughty sweeties including never-before-tried Fruit & Nut Toblerone, some nectarines (to which I've been addicted for the last few months) and a Febreze air freshener thingy to try and get rid of the smell of sausages and fried things. The latter's advertising tells me it absorbs smells rather than covering them, or something, so let's see if that's bullshit.

Following that I slept most of the afternoon, which was stupid as I'll now be awake half the night. In fact I'm sort of feeling guilty for not having gone and done something more useful instead.

In other news...

Either our bath leaks, or Lu was using the bathroom as a water park, because we spotted water marks on the ceiling below. She doesn't use the bath very often, as we're both shower people, hence we're lucky we spotted the potential water leak. To eliminate the water park theory I filled the bath with cold water and waited half an hour - no leaks. I've just run a fair bit of water through the overflow, so will wait another half an hour to see if that's the issue. Failing that I'll just empty it and see what happens. If nothing, the water park theory holds for the moment.

I've just discovered daz71's Flickr account. Anyone else out there on Flickr?

And a meme borrowed from moosical, as in all fairness I requested of her:

Request a picture (or pictures) for me to take of anything around me. Feel free to be as nosey as you like within reason...
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