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And my final post of the day, I promise!

Due to me having boundless energy (ahem) we went for a walk around the nature reserve, again. Although I took lots of shots of various subjects I've covered before I've tried to avoid posting those - a bit of a curse for the photographer is trying to capture something new.

I'm also definitely enjoying taking photos of all types of animals. Often hard to take because the blighters keep moving, but that's definitely my No. 1 favourit-est topic of the moment. I'll need to get out more to up the variety and challenge.


^A couple of LJ friends have "caught" caterpillars of late, and although this doesn't compare in gorgeous-ness, I did spot lots of these on this particular flower.

Goose and Grass

^The geese were in residence yet again at the lake, this one nibbling grass.

Cow Eyes

^The cows were up close and personal this time, and out of a handful of crap shots I got this one, eye flies 'n all.


^And totally non-nature related, this is a statue I bought yesterday at Corfe. It was a love at first sight thing.
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