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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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Photos from Monkey World


^The one and only non-Monkey World shot. A frog in my sister's garden.

Golden Cheeked Gibbon Baby

^Golden Cheeked Gibbon baby, which was incredibly cute. Lots of reflection on glass unfortunately.

Golden Cheeked Gibbons

^Golden Cheeked Gibbon family. Mum in white, Dad in black, and baby in white but taking on colour determined by sex a few months after birth.

Young Chimps

^Two young chimps wrestle.

Young Chimp

^Another younger chimp examines a shirt.


^And an older chimp ponders life.


^A male orangutan.


^This (male) chimp was lying down in front of the glass, legs akimbo. I spared you the bottom half.

Guinea Fowl

^Some guinea fowl roaming the park.

Guinea Fowl Close Up♦

^Guinea fowl close up. Looks like he's put some gel on those hairs on the back of his neck.


^A chicken also resident in the park.


^A marmoset. Tricky buggers to photo.


^Another marmoset, and not such a great photo.

Woolly Monkey Baby

^Baby woolly monkey.

Woolly Monkey

^Adult woolly monkey. These guys had the best tails for grabbing on to things it seemed.

Woolly Monkey

^Adult woolly monkey with a mournful look.

Woolly Monkey

^Another adult woolly monkey with another mournful look. I liked how this caught his eyes though.

Woolly Monkey Babies

^Two baby woolly monkeys at play.

Woolly Monkey Baby

^Baby woolly monkey.


^Me, after pushing the twins on the swing.

Dad and Mum

^Mum and Dad.


^The twins on the swing. Sam appears to be asleep.

Keeper and Ring Tail Lemurs

^The ring tail lemurs get a feed. And what do you feed ring tail lemurs?...

Ring Tail Lemur

^... Activia yoghurt of course! Pineapple flavour it seems.

Ring Tail Lemurs

^More ring tail lemurs.

Ring Tail Lemurs

^"Wotcha got there then?"


^A gibbon I think. Definitely a foot there, but not sure if the other part is a hand or foot.


^Capuchin tries to evade the keepers.

Stump Tail Macaque?

^The not so pretty stump tail macaque.

Great Ape Park Slide

^One of the fantastic slides at the Great Ape Park. Josh is in the bottom lefthand corner, and that's Sam on the bridge top right.

Grandad and Twins

^Grandad/dad on pushing duty.

Lu and Mum

^Lu and Mum/Nan look on in amusement.

Monkey World Sign

^And the Monkey World sign.

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I love how the framing on the "pushing duty" shot almost makes it look at first like there's only cables on one side of the swing.

You'd never see a swing like that here. Too unsafe.

Heh, yeah this place was insanely unsafe. They even had a wheelchair swing, which I've never seen before.

I'm glad to see common sense override political correctness though.

Wonderful pictures :D

Good to put faces to names, too :D

Glad you like them!

And glad it puts some names to faces also :-)

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