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Ever do something in a certain way, or see something in a certain way, only to realise later that it's completely wrong, or something along those lines? I guess there needs to be a word for that, other than "stupidity".

Whenever that happens to me I'm reminded of a story that Arthur Dent tells whoever the girlfriend was he had in one of the not-so-good Hitch-hikers books. Book four or five I think. The story was, if I recall correctly, that he had a painting in his room of a raft with animals on it. In front of the raft was some animal with a tail, and he always thought the animal with the tail was pulling the raft. Then one day he noticed the raft had a sail.

Perhaps they should be called Dent-isms?

Anyway, two of my recent Dent-isms.

1. When having a sandwich comprising two slices of bread I cut it in half across its width, due to lack of Christine Bleakley sized mouth. This leaves the crustier (nastier) top half as one round, and the less crusty (nicer) half as the other round. Then there was the moral dilemma of whether to have the nastier half first, in a sort of "catholic guilt" way followed by the nicer bit. Or go the hedonist route and have the nice less crusty bit, then suffer the slings and arrows of the crusty.

Then recently I twigged that I could just cut it across its length, and both halves are then identical, with both a mix of crusty and less crusty sides.


Now I am spared the moral sandwich dilemma.

2. I've been happily using what I thought were shampoo and conditioner. I'm very good and condition every other day, to maintain my horse mane-like texture - although in reality my hair is very fine and difficult to work with at the best of times, particularly if it starts to get long. Anyway, the shampoo has a sort of dark brown bottle, and the conditioner has a sort of lighter golden coloured bottle - standard shampoo and conditioner convention right? Wrong. The lighter coloured one is just a different shampoo for lighter coloured brunettes.

How did I manage to buy two shampoos?


Anyway, I think these are just two examples of my scatterbrained nature.

Go on though, share your Dent-isms with me!
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