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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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Qantas blames wireless for aircraft incidents. Somewhat worrying news that Qantas blames a recent "mid-air incident" that seriously injured a number of passengers on interference from a passenger's electrical device. And on the other hand aren't mobile phone antennas being rolled out on planes? Much as that's going to be damn annoying.

Menezes operations room 'chaotic'. The farce over the death of Menezes drags on. Surely the most important thing here is to identify the procedural failure(s) and stop it happening again, although I'm not convinced that's going to happen.

US debt clock runs out of digits. An electronic sign, erected in New York's Times Square, to highlight the amount of US national debt has run out of digits, as the amount passed US$10 trillion last month. Those who erected the clock are planning a new one, with two extra digits.

Cambodian couple cut home in half. The male half of an estranged Cambodian couple has sawn their house in half and removed it after a feud. The protracted nature of divorce claims in Cambodia is thought to be partially to blame.

Firefox users gain location tool. Mozilla have launched a preview of their Geode tool, which will be part of Firefox 3.1. If the user permits, the tool will identify where the user is, and then provide location specific information to them.