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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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(no subject)
Computer Fail
Caught a good example of the Firefox memory leak again.

Yep, I should probably use another browser, but you know. I spotted that Skype installed an extension, and other than the lovely TabMix Plus extension I'm not using anything else. Anyway, I've disabled the Skype extension and all seems well, so far...

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I've had problems with FF lately too.

Memory leaks also? 1.5MB is taking the piss somewhat.

Yes and the process taking forever to shut down/open up again. It did pick up on the fact that something wasn't quite right last night though and offered to send a "I brok plz fyx meh" message to Mozzilla.

Heh, and you *know* they scrutinise those!

dang thats gotta hurt, but i love firefox :(

Yep, I've got the Firefox love as well. It would feel like treachery to use anything else! Albeit not due to Firefox zealotry.

That's one of the problems I've always had with Firefox, and why I don't use it except as a backup browser. Well, that and the fact that it crashes way too much for my liking.

And the annoying fanboys/fangirls who pop out of the woodwork to pimp Firefox out every time browsers get mentioned in any context whatsoever.

I'm hoping I've found the cause now, but interesting to hear you've also had troubles. I've been getting another thing where Firefox crashes after a few hours, typically during the night so I wake up and find it's crashed. That might well be related to the memory leak though.

What do you use as your browser of choice?

I know what you mean about the zealots (particularly thelovebug and his love of Chrome! ;-) I'm very much a fan of what works which means I mix it up a bit, but stick with Windows. I'm always intrigued to try somethings new though.

OK, I'll shut up now.

Hehe, isn't it funny how browsers bring out fanaticism in people? :)

I've had the crashing problem with Firefox too, typically related to it being open for long periods (as you said, likely the memory leak), especially overnight. Most frustrating!

I use Opera as my browser of choice. I like the fact that it's so stable and quick; I can't recall when last it crashed, even first thing in the morning when I catch up on news/my f-list and end up with fifty or so tabs open. I occasionally have hassles with Gmail and a couple of other sites (Facebook is one that comes to mind), but not enough to really bug me.

Maxthon is my secondary browser, but I don't use it nearly as much as Opera - I like Maxthon's tab handling marginally more (especially stuff like closing all from one site, etc), and I think it's slightly more powerful in terms of the sheer number of tweaks you can make to it, but it doesn't feel as comfortable or slick as Opera. Also, I'm still prejudiced against it from the time a couple of years ago when it crashed even more than Firefox (which is why I ended up switching to Opera in the first place). :)

What hassles do you have with Facebook and Gmail? I use both sites with Opera and have no problems whatsoever.

The older version of Gmail works fine with Opera, but the newer one frequently becomes non-responsive, even with fixes.

As for Facebook: Facebook itself is okay, but I have problems with a couple of the apps I use either not refreshing properly or occasionally becoming similarly non-responsive. It doesn't happen a lot, but it's a trifle irksome (and it doesn't occur with, say, Maxthon).

Still, neither of these is enough to make me consider switching from Opera.

Fixes? I didn't even know there were problems until I read your other post! :-)

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