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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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So-fa, not so good?
You've Got To Be Yanking My Chain!
Illness update, and last post from me today, I promise...

Mum called, as she'd been talking about the symptoms I'm having with a friend of hers. Her friend immediately replied "does he have a leather sofa?"...

Has anyone else been following this furore about leather sofas from China that contain a generally banned antifungal agent, called Dimethyl Fumarate? In what appears to be one of the worst incidents of its kind for years, purportedly 100,000 sofas have been sold with it, from Land of Leather, Argos etc. Apparently the problem sofas are manufactured by two Chinese companies called Linkwise and Eurosofa. Anyway, days, weeks, or months after sitting on these sofas people have been suffering from skin rashes, that vary from the irritating through to 3rd degree burns. Other symptoms have included fatigue, although I've not found anything relating to nausea and migraines.

Anyway, I've been getting rashes on the exposed parts of my legs and arms, and Mum felt sure this is the cause, along with the other symptoms (chemical poisoning of sorts?).

I called Argos, and they say the sofa is not from the affected list (it appears to be manufactured by a company called "Cenro"). But they would say that, wouldn't they? I've also called a lawyer involved in a large class action suit to get their view on whether this could also be a problem sofa. I believe it's relatively trivial to swab for the chemical, assuming they have any interest.

Is this bloody sofa a possible cause? Anyway, I'm sitting in the dining room for the moment, after having slept on the sofa for an hour or two this afternoon! I've been living on this sofa on the days I've been feeling ill...

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stainsteelrat: Who knew a sofa could be so potentially hazardous. I hope you figure out the possible cause of your rashes. Wanted to get your thoughts on "The String Quartet Tribute to Peter Gabriel" album. I've been listening to the songs on the album at the last.fm site at http://www.last.fm/music/Vitamin+String+Quartet/The+String+Quartet+Tribute+to+Peter+Gabriel

It is a really serious issue, and I hope the manufacturers get sued into the ground! Some of my symptoms don't seem to match, but I'm going to avoid it for the next few days and see how I feel.

Thanks for the link! I'll go listen and let you know... :-)

I certainly liked some of the tracks. Here Comes the Flood (or Flood, as they seem to call it) worked particularly well, others not so much.

Do you like?

stainsteelrat: "Flood" by the Vitamin String Quartet was great! Yes, I agree with you about the hits and misses on the Vitamin String Quartet (VSQ) tribute to PG. No disrespect to VSQ--I LOVE VSQ and their billions of tribute albums they've released (so far). Some original rock songs translate gorgeously into classical music--other songs do not. I love their cover of The Smiths' "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out." I remember reading earlier that you liked Smashing Pumpkins. I'm curious to see how VSQ did with the Smashing Pumpkins songs. Hmm ....

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