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The Random Three #27

The Random Three No. 27 has been uploaded and is ready to feed hungry aggregators.

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  • On this show: will the stream be fixed? Won't the stream be fixed? And two thirds apology. And one third not.

    It's very likely there will be another live show next Tuesday (the 21st Oct) at 9pm UK time. Just tune in to the Dumbed Down Life chatroom and click the LISTEN HERE link.

    As always thanks go to:

    (1) The Dumbed Down Life guys for a lend of their server, particularly alucard_uk who helps me with the software setup, and ongoing troubles.
    (2) thelovebug (of the Bugcast) and alucard_uk who made the suggestion to try a live show.
    (3) All those who turned up in the chat room.

    ...and ...

    (4) daz71 for being a hero and fixing the stream!
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