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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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(no subject)
SSR Fire
So the hot-needle-pain-in-the-not-a-great-place-to-have-hot-needle-pain means I can't sleep, so I've dropped a couple of Panadol and am waiting to see if they help. I do feel tired, but the pain is distracting.

In other news...

I don't post enough about my house. Although I'm dismayed by the lack of friendly neighbours, and perhaps by the overall feel of the surroundings, I do love the house itself - although a couple more rooms wouldn't go amiss. I've also realised that I can now get around the house in the dark, which is one of those key acclimatisation things, n'est pas?

Fleet itself isn't exactly the most gorgeous town in the UK, but it could be worse. One of my favourite chain restaurants, Pizza Express, has just opened - spinach pizza with an egg is to die for! That's a key sign though that Fleet might be upscaling in the snobbery stakes though, right? I was thinking that Pizza Express tends to locate in snobby towns.

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You have an awesome house... I think some kind of virtual online tour might be in order?

Glad you like it! Perhaps if I ever go back to video blogging, although it's hard to get a sense of perspective from photos/video in small rooms.

What does a spinach pizza with an egg look like? It sounds very questionable. :p

Looks sort of green with this white and yellow thing in the middle ;-) Honestly though, I would never have considered it if I hadn't been willing to experiment, and it's surprisingly delicious if you already like the ingredients. Only place I know that does it as well.

There is a Pizza Express on Ely High Street :-)

Any town/city with a Pizza Express gets a thumbs up from me :-D

Hope you're feeling better soon.
I'm living off Panadol at the moment too.

Shucks, hopefully not for cystitis!?

Nope- post-surgery bruising and swelling.

You had to ask ;)

On that basis I won't ask what the surgey was for ;-)

I was thinking that Pizza Express tends to locate in snobby towns.

Doubt it - there's one on Derngate in Northampton!

Ah, but it has increased its snobby value! ;-)

Well, I suppose Northampton was important enough once upon a time to have been included on the Hereford Mappa Mundi! (See http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/1b/Hereford_Mappa_Mundi_detail_Britain.jpg - it's just above the end of 'Anglia'.)

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