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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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1 Giant Leap What About Me
I find that the biggest challenge today in relationships generally is that suddenly everybody feels empowered to have their needs met. And there is the concept that relationships are in some way hard work. What happened to the simple twinkle, somebody that just made you smile when you first looked at her, and she smiled back. Just a little twinkle that comes to you with less than the force of a snowflake hitting the ground.

-- DBC Pierre (Author of Vernon God Little)

Relationships are always an opportunity to grow. Even if you meet the most fucked up person. Even if you are the most fucked up person. Because whoever you attract in your relationship is where your consciousness is. So that person you are with is a reflection of you on some level, otherwise they'd not be on your Universe, they'd not be in your world. So if they're fucked up you better look at yourself because you attracted them into your world, so that person is trying to tell you something about yourself.

-- Liza Jesse Peterson (Actor, Performance Artist)

(From 1 Giant Leap's What About Me? - do your brain a favour and watch it if you can, on Channel 4 just after midnight on late Wednesday/early Thursday)

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I agree with Liza Jesse Peterson's quote about the law of attraction when it comes to people. Back when I was an unhappy teen, I only hung out with people who were negative and not good for me. But when I grew healthier, I only wanted to hang out with positive people who taught me love, compassion, and all that good stuff. I guess this law of attraction applies to the people we meet on lj too!

Oh my god! Thank you for the link to 1 Giant Leap. The music at this 1 Giant Leap site is gorgeous and incredible.

I love 1 Giant Leap. It's a great blend of philosophy and music. I'm really looking forward to the release of their "What About Me?" album, assuming that's going to happen.

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