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I ought to write something other than polls, being that this blog is supposed to be more about a diary than a copy of Grazia.

I spotted that the office VPN and email were down early on this morning, and then got a text from boss² about 8am to the same effect. I dropped a text to the people I suspected were likely to be working to warn them, then called our support folks at 9am, that being the start of their supported hours. After a bit of diagnosis it seemed to be the SDSL line, and BT weren't at all helpful, and apparently could only log a fault with the circuit number - the only thing I didn't have. The fuckers couldn't even log a fault based on the address!

Anyway, I resigned myself to driving to the office, although Lu kindly offered to go with me. When I got there I did a few checks with the help of the the support guy, including a reboot of the firewall and a DNS check. Support guy then attributed it again to being a BT problem, so I then spent a few minutes cable-tracing to try and find what connected where, and what the SDSL circuit number was. I did a bit of tidying up as well, as our previous IT Contractor had left the thing like a dog's dinner, and in tidying up I managed to unplug the SDSL router which was on a "short leash", that is they hadn't unfurled the mains adapter cable. I then moved the firewall and SDSL router to sit on top of each other, at the front of the cabinet, so you can actually see what's going on. Versus dumped at the back with no idea what's going on. I spotted the carrier detect light on the SDSL router had gone out, which reinforced the idea that it was BT, but then a few seconds later it came to life, as did the transmit/receive lights. So in short the SDSL router had gone cuckoo and just need a "power cycle" (have you turned it off and on again?).

Everything came back to life, and I used the "fortune" of being there to lookup the IP for a phone server I needed to access - only to realise I had already placed a VNC icon on my desktop to connect to the server. Don't you just hate it when you've pre-empted yourself and forgotten about it?

I was bushed by the time we came home, and Lu heated me up a dish of last night's lovely leftover chicken risotto, and then we both had a sleep.

I'm currently playing GoW 2, although not 100% happy with the controls - I much prefer the PC for FPS's.
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