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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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He's a non-stop poll machine

Have you ever encountered "needy friends"? That is friends who were desperate for your friendship

Yes, all the time
Yes, now and then
Once or twice in my lifetime
No, never
Other, which I'll comment with, or not

Needy friends: a good or bad thing?

I love 'em!
I sorta like 'em
I'm sympathetic to them, to a point
I'm completely sympathetic to them
I don't like them much
I steer well clear
Other, which I'll comment with, or not

At what point does a friend go from just that, to being a "needy friend"?

Is it possible that society's becoming more insular, and needy friends are actually people misdiagnosed who are just trying to be friendly?

Yes, absolutely
Yes, perhaps
No, not really
No, not at all
Other, which I'll comment about, or not

What poll question would you ask about needy friends?

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Hmm - just to clarify my last paragraph, it's the kind of friends who suddenly imitate everything you do who're the ones I'm talking about. For instance, I have a friend (had, I guess you could say, because I blocked her on IM and filter her off all my posts now, although she still keeps responding to my comments cheerily in mutual friends' journals) who, when she was going out with a seriously goth guy, became seriously goth herself, and would wear all black all the time, constantly talk about her new lifestyle, etc. As soon as they broke up, that all stopped. When she and I became friends, she suddenly started telling me about her newfound love of film music all the time (she even got Teh Marco icons!), started playing GW and talking about it a lot, and bought a whole new makeup collection with a lot of the same items as mine. It was like she had no personality of her own and was so needy that she'd imitate her friends in the hope that they'd like her more.

That kind of neediness makes me wary: it's treading the fine line between friendship and obsessiveness.

I made a boo boo there. What I should have said was: I find myself being wary of unintentionally imitating friends, on a similar level to that you said in the latter paragraph - it's a sort of "damned if you, and damned if you don't" situation though.

It's a fine line I guess, because friends share interests, and sometimes those interests get "pimped" between friends - that's part of what having friends is about, in that you grow from having them, I guess? Imitating every aspect though obviously oversteps that line though; I'm thinking on similar lines, where people start to dress the same as you, imitate you physically etc.

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