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(no subject)
Verbal Diarrhoea
So Brazil is fast approaching.

Inevitably I spend a lot of time kicking my heels in Brazil as the "holiday" is more about Lu spending time with her family than actually doing stuff - and I can only spend so many hours per day in a Brazilian shopping centre - so my search for TV to download has started, a little late perhaps based on torrents vs. time to download, oops. Suffice to say my laptop* and an Internet connection save my life while I'm there, although I do enjoy spending *some* time with Lu's family ;-)

*This means running the gauntlet with customs again, as technically I'm a resident, and have to pay tax on any goods worth a total of US$500 or more. I'm going to be taking both a laptop and the SLR camera this time.

Anyway, I use my enforced TV time to revisit things I've missed, or ought to give a second chance.

I'd already downloaded several seasons of Scrubs, although on reflection I'm not sure I will like it, even though individual random episodes tend to make me giggle.

During last year's Christmas-in-Brazil I watched two seasons of Supernatural, so I've downloaded some of season 3, and ought to catch up with the rest. I'm assuming that season 3 has finished (?).

Following a conversation with Ana over IM this morning I've also been inspired to try House (also inspired by daylight_broke), Family Guy (I've watched one or two episodes before, but it didn't feel like my thing. Second try time), and Ghost Whisperer (no idea about this).

No doubt I'll end up being really busy and not have a chance to watch anything, or just get all apathetic about it. There's a couple of books I need to read also.

Perhaps I should get a second battery for the laptop for the plane as much as anything else. Although that means having to carry my laptop in a laptop bag as hand luggage, and is that a good or bad idea from the customs point-of-view? Hum. Plus do I take both my work and personal laptop. The former being a nice large-ish 15", versus the latter being an annoying but conveniently small 10".

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House is my favourite TV show... :D

I'm not sure why I missed it the first time around, although it might have been to do with Hugh Laurie putting on a US accent, and it being yet-another-medical-drama.

we're hooked on Dexter at the moment. :)

Ahhh yes, I'm more or less fully up-to-date with that. Great series, although I'm not so sure about the current season.

Family Guy is very hit or miss... but when they hit they are hilarious. House seasons 1-3 are awesome. The newest season is quite good. Last season (4) was a little bit of a disappointment but ended amazingly.

Other unmentioned recommended series:

Madmen (this is a must-have)
Bones (kinda House meets Angel-grown-up... very well writen)
NCIS (not to be confused with all the CSI/Law and Order kinda shlock)
Burn Notice

and I'm sure you've already seen this as it's been a while, but it's worth bringing up just in case... Firefly. Maybe the best series ever (though short-lived).

Ta! I'll have a look for those also.

Forgot to mention The Wire as well, which I keep seeing recommendations for.

And I know you're a Whedon fanatic ;-) I did watch some of Firefly, but it struck me as cowboys in space a bit. I might try it again though.

Heck yeah it's cowboys in space! :)

Maybe it's an American thing.

I really like Scrubs -- mostly because while I find it really funny, there's a few poignant moments in it too, especially later on. But, I dunno -- took me a while to get into it. Andy liked it long before I did.

Andy loves Family Guy too -- but I'm pretty lukewarm about it. sometimes it's really funny, other times I just can't get into it.

Have no idea about the other ones :)

I guess that means Scrubs might require some staying power! It did look like it was a nice mixture of humour and poignant.

I used to like House a LOT but his addiction got really, really old last season so I haven't watched it since last year.

Do you like eclectic and "odd" shows? If so, you might like Pushing Daisies and a few others I could recommend.

I do like stuff that's a bit out there, but predicting what I might like can be hard! I'll give it a try though.

I've never seen an entire episode of House. Although I should try and watch House because everybody raves about House. Never seen Ghost Whisperer but I enjoy Family Guy (some of the jokes are hilarious, some jokes fall flat).

Oooo ... have you seen the American TV show "Breaking Bad"? It's a about a chemistry high school teacher who gets diagnosed with cancer and then decides to get into the methamphetamine drug business. Logical, n'est-ce pas? There's only been (7) episodes so far. The show made me laugh, cry with sadness, and scream in shock, "Holy shit! No f--kin' way! Damn, did I just see what I think I just saw!"

Here's a 30 sec trailer. You do NOT have to watch this trailer. I know time is important to you. So you do NOT have watch this trailer! :)

Ha, looks very interesting! Like the visual style also, and programmes that go one step beyond the other "dross".

Heh, time's not important to me. I waste lots of it :-D Thanks for posting.

I have to warn you about the show "Breaking Bad." There's murder, drug use (but you already knew this), sexual love making (but no nudity), and splatter gore. Anyhoo, I hope you have fun in Brazil!

No worries. These are all norms for me, LOL. I have a fairly thick skin :-)

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