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Troubled Woolworths launches sale. Looks like it's the end of Woolworths which is sad, primarily for the staff. It's a shop that's been around my entire life, despite its weird range of goods. And heck, it's the only place to easily buy decent pick 'n' mix.

How darts star hit healthy before bullseye. Tale of hard drinking and binge eating darts player Andy "The Viking" Fordham, who lost 108kgs when his life was threatened by his unhealthy habits.

Man killed for "hogging karaoke". 23-year old Abdul Sani Doli was stabbed to death, outside a Malaysian karaoke bar, after reportedly hogging the machine. I guess you gotta be careful how many times you sing "My Way".

Happiness "rubs off on others". A US study of 5,000 people shows that being closer to happy people is likely to make you happier. No shit!

Man wins cliff home erosion case. In a case of environment vs. humanity, Peter Boggis, 77, has won a fight in the high court to protect his coast based home. Natural England were trying to prevent Mr. Boggis from erecting sea defences on the basis that it would damage the SSSI.

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