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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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The Stainless Steel Rat (Green/Yellow)
Today I have mostly been on Facebook, LJ Friends, and playing Gears of War 2; I'm getting sick of Razor Hail in the latter.

Managed to get two very interesting BR soundtrack bootlegs via a friend on Facebook. I've also been talking to and making (virtual) friends with people all over the world. The Internet never ceases to amaze me.

I'm still not smitten with Facebook, but at least it's getting more social, even if it is 90% leg pulling and nonsense making. It does have the advantage of having more real life friends on it than LiveJournal, which means a different sort of vibe.

In other news...

Felt awful this morning, with more of a migraine than nausea, but since about 3pm I feel substantially better.

Been working remotely on a phone server at work, continuing some more setup on it. I stupidly set the address details to an incorrect value which meant I lost access, but despite asking a colleague to try and change them back I'm still not getting access. No idea why, but I guess it's something simple.

Lu had a semi-serious moan that I've got this "illness" because I stay indoors all the time and don't exercise, although I reminded her that I had this at work which was why I stayed home in the first place! Then I returned to work and got it again, two or three times. Anyway, I then went upstairs half an hour later and Lu's in bed asleep! The cheek of it :-)

I rang Kingfisher, and also got a reply from Behringer. Seems like a microphone may not trigger the mixer's level lights unless the gain/trim is turned all the way up. I was sure I'd tried this, but when I tried again... bingo, both clip and level lights. I guess I'll have to see how that works in conjunction with the level in on the soundcard - so many variables! I spotted yesterday that I hadn't turned the soundcard mixer all the way up either, and that hsa both a physical dial on the soundcard, and the one within Windows. The Shure SM58 is definitely far more sensitive than the Samson C03U; not sure if that's a feature of condenser vs... whatever the Shure is. It does mean being more careful about where it's placed and levels, seems to be six of one and half a dozen of the other. The technology of it all interests me though as it's a learning experience.

So not only did I miss the Disaster Area T-shirt on ThinkGeek.com, I also missed The Practical Joker's Handbook. I love practical jokes, and have got a hankering to do more, only I've mostly run out of ideas. This might have been the perfect solution! Oh well, for another order I guess, assuming they're practical practical jokes.

And on the topic of ThinkGeek, my order from earlier in the week is at the office! That was amazingly quick. A colleague is going to drop that by, and what is hopefully the remainder of my Christmas present orders, either this evening or tomorrow. I'm hoping this evening, due to my extreme lack of patience :-)

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Could you ask for the joke book for christmas?

Unfortunately everyone's already bought my Christmas presents, as we leave for Brazil the weekend after next, and are having a sort of early UK Christmas on Sunday.

I'll get it as a present for myself perhaps ;-) The advantage of grabbing it all in one go though is reduction in the P&P, which is fairly hefty from the USA.

Ahhhhhh. *nods*

They might sell it off after christmas ;)

I agree. Facebook does have the advantage of having more real life friends than on LJ.

But facebook weirds me out sometimes.

Apparently, there's a facebook application that can allow people to buy other people as human pets. I didn't know this. I was confused and surprised when I received a notification from facebook that I was bought as a human pet by some random guy. Out of curiosity, I looked at his picture gallery of 10 or so human pets. His gallery startled and creeped me out because all his pet humans were beautiful girls in their 20s. WTF? That is some creepy-ass clown s**t!

PS. I don't think I'm beautiful in any way. I may have a lot of bad traits. But vanity and self-delusion are not two of them.

There's all sorts of weird Facebook apps. I block the lot :-)

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