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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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So looks like iTunes has sucked all my MP3 files in, although it's a bit of a mess - the album view is going by each individual artist for many albums, and there's still a bit of cover art missing. Looks like there's a fair bit of album artist editing in my future, along with cover art snagging.

Also, although I don't see much practical use in the feature, I can't seem to enable the coverflow view. I remember in iTunes 7 there was an "eye" icon that you could click on, but that seems to have vanished. Despite clicking all the layout buttons near the search field, and adjusting the cover art size, it doesn't seem to have made any difference. Apple software often seems to be less than intuitive, for me at least.

In other news...

Last night we decided to take Galileu for a walk. Bear in mind that I have not walked him since the poodle incident, which I'm sure I still have nightmares about. We used the shortened collar, which is clipped around his neck, rather than pulled over his head - I should have realised the stupidity of the latter. I went with Lu's Dad for moral/strength support, and Galileu was absolutely insane. He was pulling so hard on the leash, whining/crying like a loony, and just generally causing havoc, and this was before we even left the house. Bear in mind that he's a big and very strong dog, and I suspect is quite capable of dragging me along the ground if he wanted. Lu's Dad was sufficiently worried that he was intimating we shouldn't go, but despite Gali bashing his head twice on the gate through excitement I opened it and we went outside. He then proceeded to be barmy for a couple more minutes, again inciting Lu's Dad to suggest we return. But when we started to head back he calmed down a bit, and walked at my heel. So instead we talk him for a walk around the block, causing all the neighbourhood dogs, of which there are many, to bark, howl and whine. When we came back it took Gali about an hour to calm down, as he was racing around the house and garden with tongue hanging out, and panting like a loony. Perhaps I'll take him out again today, but I have a mortal fear that he'll escape again.

I would love to teach Gali to heel, and also to lie down. I taught him to sit, and give his paw, which I'm still really chuffed about. He's a very nervous dog at the best of times, but the fact that I taught him those "tricks" is a start. He also needs a bit of training as he's a bit wild, and I'm sure at least a daily walk would do him the power of good. He seems to have a skin allergy which means that he licks himself a lot of the time, which in turn causes his skin on his belly to get sore. Combined with that he seems to lick his right leg, which has caused small patches of hair to give way to sores. The sores have healed over, but he still licks the damn things at every opportunity. I wish I could encourage Lu's Dad to walk him more... well, at all!

Lu has a lunch planned with some ex-colleagues today, although I'll be bailing on that one. She was out all of yesterday with her cousin clothes shopping.

This evening we're meeting with a group of friends, although the place we're going to seems to change daily - bars in Sampa are rather odd, in that they open, are very popular, and then close a year or two later when the social climbers have moved on. Apparently some of the bars we chose are still far too much in the popular mindset, and might involve queuing an hour or more to get in! I've invited my Portuguese teacher, so hopefully she'll also go. We've been promised by one of Lu's friends that we can go sing karaoke after we've had a few caipirinhas. Here's hoping!

I've looked up the weather in Botucatu - which we'll be going to for Christmas, is about 3 hours drive from here, and where most of Lu's family live - in summary it's about 5 billion times better than here, 35C with sun.

Now I'm off to see if the garden has any birds, as Lu's parents told me that around now is "bird time".

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i have an honest reccommendation for you

watch "the dog whisperer"

not only is it really entertaining TV it has some amazing discipine techniques to help control a dog and get it to behave

plus anni wants to have cesar milans babies

Ahhh interesting! I'll definitely check it out, although I guess it will be too late for teaching this particular mutt.

not at all, if you watch the show you will see that he does it with older dogs who have been set into bad habits for years and his technique of "establishing yourself as pack leader" sees results pretty much instantly, its amazing to watch, even if you consider that it may be edited, the fact that he can take a dog that full on attacks people who walk through the door and makes it a calm submissive animal is impressive in itself, no matter how long it takes

Ah, too late in terms of I have to leave in 3 weeks.

Just a thought - are you any less nauseous away from home? Just wondering about the sofa...

It's still there, but definitely a lot better than it was. Of course I'm also reducing the anti-d, so with all the different variables I wonder if it will ever be clear what the cause is... short of ramping up the anti-d again to see what happens!

I definitely feel a lot more relaxed here as well. A change is as good as a rest 'n all that, plus I'm resting anyway.

Agreeing with greebo Ceasar Milan is brilliant.

That dog desperately needs regular walks, everything you described is a symptom of boredom and lack of discipline. A walk a day will help that hugely.

I can do that while I'm here, but it's trying to get Lu's parents to do it that's the issue :-(

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