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Lu was out most of yesterday, so I spent most of the day cleaning up my music library in iTunes, albeit on my PC back in the UK via LogMeIn - an amazingly useful piece of software/service! I thought the library *was* pretty damn clean, as I'm anally retentive about tagging and filing tracks, but the main problems were lack of cover art and/or no album artist. With the latter it meant that all compilation tracks tagged with individual artists appeared separately when sorted by album. Anyway, the library is about 99% tidy, with some odds 'n' sods I couldn't be bothered with.

By the late afternoon I was not surprisingly a bit bored, so I settled down with my iPod and this aforementioned album, which is very good. It seems like there will be two volumes, the first released in January, and the second later in the year. Luckily I have both already! I still can't get over my surprise that I was sent a copy, after I have nagged Lu for months about how I was looking forward to the release. I wonder if they heard me waxing lyrical on my podcast? Although I have posted about it on Facebook. Hmmm. I'm intrigued.

I tried to teach Galileu to lie down using this very simple guide. Initially I had some great success, as he would reach out with his paws to grab the food and inevitably lie down in the process. After two or three successful tries he either got bored, distracted, or lost interest in the snacks, as he just sat there giving me the "I'm not interested" look. He would still sit and give paw though.

Lu came back with her cousin mid-evening, and we headed off to Pe no Parque in Vila Olimpia. Not all of Lu's friends turned up, but Carlos and some others did. Carlos seems to work in photography, so I sat chatting to him about cameras, and where the best places are in Sampa to take nature photos. I was very pleasantly surprised that my Portuguese teacher, Vera, turned up with her English boyfriend, Michael. They make a lovely couple, and as per usual it was nice to meet a couple that were in a similar situation to that which Lu and I have been. Vera had been telling Michael that I was an exemplary pupil *beams* I told her that "eu sentiu saudades dela" (I missed her) which is very much the case, as she was an important part of my life back when I was living in Sampa. Also, being all emotional 'n stuff, she gave me the incredible gift of another language, which inevitably has been vital to my life with Lu. I can't really thank her enough for that.

Anyway, Vera will most likely go back to the UK in the middle of next year, so we have planned to meet up again.

I'm up at ridiculous o'clock this morning because Lu has gone to have an ultrasound. She's having a whole bunch of exams while she's here, as part of the whole sensible preventive medicine ideal, that you get here if you can afford the insurance. She saw an eye consultant yesterday who was intrigued by her MEWDS, and wants to carry out more exams as part of a research paper, which he asked for "for the good of humanity", LOL. The condition is very rare, so he wants a chance to study it.

And a couple of photos from last night...

Carlos and I

^Carlos and I - in which I look fatter and chipmunk-ier than ever before!

Sampa Friends

^A couple of friends from when we lived in Sampa - the guy on the left is an *incredible* dancer, although an architect by day. His girlfriend is a vet.

Vera and Michael

^And my Portuguese teacher and her boyfriend.
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