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So today we chilled out in the morning, and then headed over to Fnac on Av. Paulista. The plan was to visit the new StandCenter (Paulista Center) but I found all that I needed in Fnac, and didn't fancy the idea of seeing a load of junk at the other place. I bought a Netgear WGR614 wireless router for Lu's aunt's house, among other things. Lu went wild on Brazilian DVD's and CD's, which I think she's missing! From there we went to the gastroenterologist.

Talk about a breath of fresh air - the guy was interested, considerate, caring etc. The things that you'd hope a doctor would be. He's suggested I get an MRI of the abdomen, which is much more accurate than an ultrasound, along with blood and stool tests. He has also written the "prescription" for an endoscopy, but said to hold fire on that until he has the MRI results. He said that the endoscopy here is likely to be a lot more gentle than the UK, as they will give a relaxant, among other things. Bemusingly it's a tenth... yes a *tenth* the price of the UK.

The great thing here is that the people that do the tests are divorced from the doctor, so the doctor gets no money from the tests - I just like that idea from a moral/corruption perspective.

Poor Lu now has to try and schedule the exams for tomorrow, primarily the MRI, as we're heading off to Botucatu as early as possible tomorrow. It will take several days for the MRI results to be ready, so the timing of things are now the biggest issue.

Plans for the rest of the evening? Relaxation.
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