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Despite bringing about 90% of my stuff with me from Sampa I now want to read the camera book I left there! Bloody typical.

For some reason I have a relatively large speck of something on what appears to be the part of the camera that has the "focus guide" (I'm not sure what the proper name is). I've tried gently blowing into the camera body, but it hasn't shifted. I've noticed the mirror also has a couple of specks of dirt on, but am wary of cleaning it without knowing for sure it won't bugger something up. I meant to get an "air puffer" for camera cleaning, as I already have a cloth, but forgot. I spotted the focus guide is inside the body at the top. Spotted the tiny speck and gently cleaned with a lens cloth. Sorted!

My exciting task for today is to pooh into a pot, potentially three different times (hmmm, not sure I'll manage that OK, I did manage it, once so far, even though it was like some kind of nightmarish fairground game) - Lu's aunt has gone to buy a suitable pot. This is part of a series of tests I need to complete. Tomorrow I'm having some blood taken, but it needs to be at 8am, as they close at 9. The fly in the ointment is that I have to fast for 12 hours and we're going to see a band play at 11pm, which means I'll have to watch stone cold sober and hungry. Fark. The blood and pooh tests here are drastically cheaper than Sampa; £25 vs. £200.

Felt really nauseous this morning, and have a monstrous headache. I think I was gritting my teeth last night, as I thought I'd try a night without the teeth guard. I'm still not convinced the guard itself alleviates much pressure, nor does it appear to be re-educating my jaw.

Unfortunately the weather appears to be semi-FUBAR'd today. It was absolutely gorgeous yesterday, with a fantastic rain shower that cooled things off nicely around 6-7pm. The forecast says 10% chance of rain and 28C, but by the look of the clouds I think it's more like a 100% chance. Anyone care to bet on it? ;-)
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