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BB Piano
I like B3ta's attitude: "Fuck Red Nose Day, Look At This". Is it just me? Or do other people get turned off by hype. I know Red Nose Day is all for char-i-dy, but it irritates me for some reason.

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It irritates the fuck out of me too....surely, there must be alternative ways of raising money?

I guess I'm being a pessimist but it just feels like they are missing the point, even more so with the face academy crap this year. Anyway, I like B3ta's attitude! :-)

I was talking to my brother about it earlier actually (Comic Relief). What's so great about the likes of Lenny Henry trying to make us feel guilty and donate money through comedy that's long past its sell-by date? How about all these 'celebrities' giving up 2 weeks wages for charity? I'm sure that'd raise far more than Comic Relief ever could.

Hmmm, maybe it's the "charity's for life, not just for xmas" feeling. Either way, having just read that the UK government has wasted £1.75 billion on failed IT projects, well that puts things in perspective...

Not to mention the 2 billion that's going to be 'wasted' on war against Iraq. It kinds of puts things into perspective anyway...the 30 million or so that Comic Relief will possibly raise is almost peanuts compared to that kind of money.

I guess any money for a charitable enterprise is a good thing, but I just wonder how much the BBC sees this as charitable effort. Apparently this time it has been 18 months in the planning. 18 months of license payers money? I do wonder... and if so, how much does this amount to and would it not have been easier to donate this to charity instead! Anyway, bleugh, I can see good and bad sides...

License fees.....*spit*. The license fee should be scrapped IMO. You're right, how much of this have we already paid for? The BBC isn't exactly the most accountable of organisations, after all.

But most importantly, Lenny Henry isn't even funny anymore.

What is Red Nose Day?

It's a TV Charity annual event type thing. Usually raises an insane amount of money for Charity, but it can be quite..... irritating at the same time. Although, I always get the impression that if I told someone I found it irritating, they'd think I was a Scrooge.

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