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It's Me Guts!

I had a go at scanning in the MRI scans, which is hard at best because they're designed to be viewed through a light box. Here's a handful though of the 100+ images, for what it's worth...

Livers 'n Stuff

^Squint a bit and you might make out some kidneys, with the liver on the left and the spleen on the right above them... at least I think that's what they are. On the scan itself you can make out the blood vessels.


^This is purportedly one of the scans showing the cyst, according to the urologist. If you look at the right kidney, you can see a small blur in the top right-hand corner - that's the cyst.

Bottoms Up!

^Arse fat... thigh bones... bladders... other nasty things... this scan has it all!

Front view

^I think this is some sort of composite, that was on the summary page. I can certainly make out kidneys and major blood vessels. Is that a heart in the top right... and a second heart in the top left?

The Right, or is that Left Cyst?

^This is the picture where I think I can see another cyst. See the black bubble in the left kidney? Not so clear on the scanned scan, but on the actual scan this appears to be a transparent area almost circular in size.

In other news, my rib is hurting like a motherfucker at the moment. Not sure if that's because Dr. Iron Fingers poked me so farking hard!
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