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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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It's Me Guts!
Curiosity Killed the Rat
I had a go at scanning in the MRI scans, which is hard at best because they're designed to be viewed through a light box. Here's a handful though of the 100+ images, for what it's worth...

Livers 'n Stuff

^Squint a bit and you might make out some kidneys, with the liver on the left and the spleen on the right above them... at least I think that's what they are. On the scan itself you can make out the blood vessels.


^This is purportedly one of the scans showing the cyst, according to the urologist. If you look at the right kidney, you can see a small blur in the top right-hand corner - that's the cyst.

Bottoms Up!

^Arse fat... thigh bones... bladders... other nasty things... this scan has it all!

Front view

^I think this is some sort of composite, that was on the summary page. I can certainly make out kidneys and major blood vessels. Is that a heart in the top right... and a second heart in the top left?

The Right, or is that Left Cyst?

^This is the picture where I think I can see another cyst. See the black bubble in the left kidney? Not so clear on the scanned scan, but on the actual scan this appears to be a transparent area almost circular in size.

In other news, my rib is hurting like a motherfucker at the moment. Not sure if that's because Dr. Iron Fingers poked me so farking hard!

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Nice guts. Now we know you inside and out.

I know you are always looking for new TV and movies. I think you might like Leverage. You might have to torrent it, it is pretty new.

Re: Nice guts. Now we know you inside and out.

Heh, or you can see right through me at least ;-)

Thanks for the recommendation! I'll go check it out :-)

Re image #4, I would guess that clockwise, you're looking at your liver, spleen, kidney and kidney. (diagram).

Ah yes, that makes sense based on image 1. Ta!

How intriguing to be looking at your insides ;o)

hope your rib soon stopps hurting.

It's sort of comforting to know it's all there :-) I think everyone should have a chance to do this, and it can't hurt from a just-checking-everything's-OK perspective.

Thanks for the good thoughts :-)

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