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I like the TV news here in Brazil. I'm struggling to put my finger on why, but it just seems to have a much better approach than the UK... perhaps there's just more going on, but perhaps because it also feels more personal.

A sample of some of tonight's stories...

- a shopkeeper here in Sampa was shot 6 times and killed, for R$33.50 stolen (around £10).
- a tanker caught fire and exploded killing the driver, on one of the roads in Sao Paulo state.
- a baby that was kidnapped from a hospital was reunited with its mother after 3 months. The kidnapper was a woman who has been arrested.
- a bus went off the road during the night, due to torrential rain, plunged into a river, and 10 people died.
- there are serious floods this afternoon in north Sao Paulo city (Horto Florestal), with many houses flooded.
- a lawyer who died of a heart attack in the street yesterday evening was left in the street for 7 hours before his body was taken away, provoking complaints.
- another lawyer in Rio was followed from a bank and mugged, but when the thief discovered he hadn't withdrawn any money he was shot and killed.
- a bus was attacked by ten robbers in Belo Horizonte, who then shot and killed several passengers.
- changes to the Brazilian version of the Portuguese language take effect tomorrow, which affect accents and even the alphabet (K W Y will return to the alphabet). Thousands upon thousands of street signs need to be changed, among other things.
- all firearms have to be reregistered by the end of today, and there's an amnesty for those who don't want to reregister. Those who get caught without a reregistered weapon will go to prison. From next year it will also be necessary to have certain prerequisites before being allowed to own a gun, including a psychological test.

They also have another programme on once a week called Fantastico (quite literally Fantastic in English). It's like a sort of magazine programme that covers stories all around the world, with 3-5 minutes per segment. It's fascinating and informative, intelligent journalism, and focusing on a range of both tough and positive stories.

Respect for Brazilian journalists!
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