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Brazil Face Flag
I like the TV news here in Brazil. I'm struggling to put my finger on why, but it just seems to have a much better approach than the UK... perhaps there's just more going on, but perhaps because it also feels more personal.

A sample of some of tonight's stories...

- a shopkeeper here in Sampa was shot 6 times and killed, for R$33.50 stolen (around £10).
- a tanker caught fire and exploded killing the driver, on one of the roads in Sao Paulo state.
- a baby that was kidnapped from a hospital was reunited with its mother after 3 months. The kidnapper was a woman who has been arrested.
- a bus went off the road during the night, due to torrential rain, plunged into a river, and 10 people died.
- there are serious floods this afternoon in north Sao Paulo city (Horto Florestal), with many houses flooded.
- a lawyer who died of a heart attack in the street yesterday evening was left in the street for 7 hours before his body was taken away, provoking complaints.
- another lawyer in Rio was followed from a bank and mugged, but when the thief discovered he hadn't withdrawn any money he was shot and killed.
- a bus was attacked by ten robbers in Belo Horizonte, who then shot and killed several passengers.
- changes to the Brazilian version of the Portuguese language take effect tomorrow, which affect accents and even the alphabet (K W Y will return to the alphabet). Thousands upon thousands of street signs need to be changed, among other things.
- all firearms have to be reregistered by the end of today, and there's an amnesty for those who don't want to reregister. Those who get caught without a reregistered weapon will go to prison. From next year it will also be necessary to have certain prerequisites before being allowed to own a gun, including a psychological test.

They also have another programme on once a week called Fantastico (quite literally Fantastic in English). It's like a sort of magazine programme that covers stories all around the world, with 3-5 minutes per segment. It's fascinating and informative, intelligent journalism, and focusing on a range of both tough and positive stories.

Respect for Brazilian journalists!

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Wait... how do you "change" a language? That's really bizarre.

I believe it comes from the government, and that there are 2 years for books etc. to be changed. Whether you can be arrested for producing a badly spelt book?...

So what you're saying is that death and destruction do it for you? ;-) Never move to the Anglian/BBC East region - apart from comprising a bunch of places with little or no shared regional identity, nothing ever happens! Central/BBC Midlands was so much more interesting.

Heh, it might come across like that, but aside from the content it is very much the way its put across as well. Honest guv! :-)

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