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Brazil Face Flag
Spent most of last night watching Breaking Bad, and made it to the end of the relatively short first season - and fab stuff it was too, absolutely my sort of "drama", with an off-the-wall out-of-the-box (and other tedious jargon) approach to the story. Here's looking forward to season 2. Thanks again to daylight_broke for the recommendation, you were spot on, and another "wtf are you?!". If alternative TV is your type of thing, albeit tough viewing at times, check it out.

Note to self: listen to more Gnarls Barkley. I really loved the closing music on Breaking Bad season 1, looked it up, and it's a Gnarls Barkley track.

Still got stacks of TV to catch up on, but I suspect it ain't gonna happen unless I sit glued to the laptop for 12 hours a day. I've tried watching The Wire (season 1 of course) but despite the recommendations from Adam & Joe I found it a bit tortuous to get through the first episode and have given up with it. Other likely candidates are Supernatural season 3, that which I have of Dexter season 3, and beyond the first two episodes of True Blood, although I might have to start over with that as it's been so long since I watched it. I've also got a few things that I've managed to download here on 300kb/s ADSL e.g. the Dr. Who Christmas special, last week's IT Crowd, and this week's Gadget Show.

It was a nice quiet Réveillon, well quiet in the sense that we didn't go anywhere. We could have gone to Santos as we did a few years ago, but it involves an hour or three of traffic both to and from, lots of chaos, and concerns over getting mugged. Equally we could have gone to Av. Paulista, along with 2 million other people - more people go there than anywhere else in Brazil - but with the same concerns over getting home. It might be worth doing in 2010/2011, when the Metro station is built close to Lu's Mum and Dad's house.

So instead of the above we just stood on the balcony, drank champagne, and got a free fireworks show. Galileu was going bonkers, poor thing. He had growled at Lu earlier in the day so had been banished to the backgarden, but after lots of whining was allowed back into the house where he took up residence on the sofa - where he goes when afraid. He was breathing ten to the dozen, but calmed down after 1am. Despite lots of loud music and continuing fireworks I found it surprisingly easy to sleep, and had an 11am wake up call this morning :-)

Plans for today... well everything's shut, but I think we ought to take advantage of what's likely to be a quiet day on the roads, and head to a park or two. I'm always wary of taking my camera anywhere here, but here's hoping a park is safe. We've decided to go to a park with Lu's friend Carlos and his girlfriend. Carlos is a fab photographer, and has sold some of his photos (check 'em out at Flickr!), so maybe I can pick up some tips and/or look like a shamateur ;-) He's a Nikon fan though.

I ought to put together a best film, game, TV series, and book of 2008. The latter should be easy, I don't remember reading any books from start to finish. Best film... it's hard to choose just one. I might be suffering from liking-what-I-recently-watched film syndrome, but it's a toss up between Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, WALL-E, and Sweeney Todd... I suspect Perfume: The Story of a Murderer gets the top prize for being the most original and interesting. Best game: Fallout 3, without a doubt. Best TV series: I suspect Breaking Bad, although I'm struggling to think what else I've seen. Maybe I'll have to start tagging entries to make it easier to find them later, or reviewing TV series and books as a whole.

What are your favourites from 2008?

And a few snaps from last night, albeit only sparklers...


^This was all that was left from the fireworks I had over Christmas, so rather than take photos of NYE fireworks I decided to take these!


^Double the sparklers, twice the fun?


^And the two burn out.


^I liked the smoke trails on this single sparkler.

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