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Annoying things about iTunes #001

Music is playing, I'm browsing through the music library, I click "next track", and it jumps me out of the area I'm browsing to the next track's position in the music library. Aaaaaagh! Edit: Heck it even seems to do this when the next track automatically advances.

This is why the implementation of a queue is not a bad thing.

Annoying things about iTunes #002

It cannot sync Smart Playlists separately from the rest of the music library. Not so smart, and particularly annoying when your

Workaround: manually copy them when I want to update. Bleugh.

Annoying things about iTunes #003

Cannot create Smart Playlists on the iPod directly, which would be a great workaround for the above.

Winamp + ml_iPod can do this.

Workaround: dragging and dropping smart playlists onto the iPod from the iTunes playlists creates a duplicate.

Annoying things about iTunes #004

It cannot sync a reduced music library on the iPod as well as podcasts.

Workaround: using manual copying. Bleugh.

Edit: Annoying things about iTunes #005

You can't delete tracks from the iPod that are in a playlist.

Workaround: you have to delete from the iPod's music library.

Annoying things about iTunes #006

The way iTunes just hangs while doing Genius-y things.

Annoying things about iTunes #007

Bug: playing track in coverflow mode and switch to fullscreen view. The coverflow album changes to something else.

Workaround: clicking next and previous corrects the image, but that's a pretty basic bug!

Annoying things about iTunes #008

It deciding to copy about 1,000 extra tracks more than I asked it to, which appear to be mostly random.

Workaround: me having to go in and delete them.

Annoying things about iTunes #009

It adding artist and album into the track name for the original set of tracks I'd added via a playlist.

Workaround: deleting everything on the iPod and starting over, and waiting while iTunes hangs for several minutes during the delete, without an hourglass.
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