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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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Sorry America, But We Have Her Now
Or so goes the tagline for some new show on ITV2 featuring Paris Hilton.

1. Why is any UK channel even the slightest bit interested in Paris Hilton?! And more to the point, why are they paying her money?!

2. Why is the show talking about her British Best Friend, yet showing her with dogs. Is this trying to indicate to us what sentient level she resides on?

(Don't tell me, it's a show about dogs...)

Perhaps the tagline should read, in a USAian accent, "Sorry UK, you've got her now...".

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I am so dreadfully sorry the UK has Paris Hilton now. My condolences to all you Uk-ians for this tragic event.

I can't even begin to understand why ITV2 thought this was a good idea. Oh well, another drop in the ocean of what is 99.9% rubbish on UK TV.

Please keep her. Tell her we moved.

You're not getting off that easy! We at least expect babysitting money.

Oh? You want someone to come over and take care of her? George W will be free in a couple of days, we'll send him.

That's twice the babysitting money!

I was thinking of that tagline you ended with before I reached the end of your entry and was totally going to write that.

Yeah, basically, better you than me. :P

I hope ITV2 aren't paying her much, but at least they're not paid for by the license fee.

3. Why are we apologising to America for freeing them from Paris Hilton?

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