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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
I'm browsing for cars, although not sure why as I ought to keep my current one for another year at least. I checked, out of interest, and it's at least halved in value from when I bought it two years ago, although it has served me well.

I fancy something really sporty next - although will probably change my mind - but the problem with guides like Parkers etc. is that you can't search on performance etc. I have to say I'm as shallow as a puddle, and have in the past gone for a car that I think looks gorgeous coupled with at least reasonable performance, hence a succession of Corrados. For years I've vaguely searched for a website which will let you search on various performance characteristics of cars, but drawn a blank.

At work I've bought a car via Buyacar.co.uk, and I spotted there that you can search on 0-60 performance e.g. < 6s, or 6-7s. My kinda site. I doubt I'd ever buy a car brand new - as in kuzanagi_-descriptive style I might as well just bend over and give the car salesman the lube - but it's an interesting and quick reference on what's fast, which in turns makes it easy to find what's easy on the eye as well.

And boy do I love this track as well.

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What do they call a Toyota Yaris over there?

My phrase of choice at the moment is "I remembered I wasn't wearing a dress..." or "Clearly, I've been wearing a dress lately so RBS have been merciless with my rectum" etc. etc.

As for cars, I agree. It's nice to buy a brand new car, and it does mean that you'll get the exact trim, colour and specification that you're after but you will pay through the nose for it. I bought my car last August (August '08), it was registered in March '08, so at the time of purchase it was 5 months old. 1 previous owner, 2 years and 7 months of warranty left to run, had 6,000 miles on the clock and it was purchased from a reputable dealership. I paid 60% of the original purchase price (that's including the extras that are on it like the automatic gearbox, bluetooth, cornering lights etc.). So in effect, they managed to sell me a car and still make a profit on it, despite selling it for 60% of what it was bought for new.

I was assured by the salesman, and I believe him, that if I'd have wanted anything different (a different colour, trim etc.) he could have had whatever I wanted in similar condition for the same price within a week. Two weeks at most. As it happens, I didn't need to put this to the test but from what I saw there he was telling the truth.

I can understand the "new car feel", but boy do you pay through the nose for it. I'll be buying newish at best for the foreseeable future! Ironically it was my parents that taught me this, and they've both bought new cars repeatedly over the last decade. Hypocrits! ;-)

Now to find the perfect balance of looks and speed at McDonald's prices...

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