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I'm browsing for cars, although not sure why as I ought to keep my current one for another year at least. I checked, out of interest, and it's at least halved in value from when I bought it two years ago, although it has served me well.

I fancy something really sporty next - although will probably change my mind - but the problem with guides like Parkers etc. is that you can't search on performance etc. I have to say I'm as shallow as a puddle, and have in the past gone for a car that I think looks gorgeous coupled with at least reasonable performance, hence a succession of Corrados. For years I've vaguely searched for a website which will let you search on various performance characteristics of cars, but drawn a blank.

At work I've bought a car via, and I spotted there that you can search on 0-60 performance e.g. < 6s, or 6-7s. My kinda site. I doubt I'd ever buy a car brand new - as in kuzanagi_-descriptive style I might as well just bend over and give the car salesman the lube - but it's an interesting and quick reference on what's fast, which in turns makes it easy to find what's easy on the eye as well.

And boy do I love this track as well.
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