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Last night's footy photos...

Lu at the Emirates Stadium

^Lu poses outside the Emirates stadium.

Lu and I at the Emirates Stadium

^Lu and I pose outside the Emirates stadium. Excuse my chubby chin.

Lu at the Emirates Stadium

^Our row: with Lu and friends stretching off to the distance.

Brazilian and Italian Team

^The Brazilian and Italian teams ready for their respective national anthems. I thought the Brazilian one was bad, but the Italian one was worse!

1-0 to Brazil!

^Brazil celebrates after scoring their first goal. Brassssssssssiiiiiiillllllllllllllllllll!

Brazil 1 - Italy 0

^Evidence of the first early goal.

Ronaldinho Lines up for a Free Kick

^The Bugs Bunny-ish Ronaldinho lines up for a free kick.

Brazil 2 - Italy 0


Ronaldinho Does a Dive

^Ronaldinho either does a dive (I'm not good with football terminology), or kisses the ground.


^One of the best close up action shots. Most were blurred due to the relatively poor light, or out of focus due to the semi-crap 300mm Tamron lens. Although I wonder whether I can tweak the 450D to do better?

Referee Arguments

^Italian player chats with the ref after being pulled up off the ground by Ronaldinho.
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