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From the altfriday5:

1. What inspires you to love a person? Be as specific or general as you like.

Primarily character, and to be a specific a character that has a mix of positivity, depth and intelligence. I tend to like eccentricity as well, and someone who doesn't hold back on how they feel. I'm sure there are more things, I'd need to ponder further.

Honesty is a given.

For a significant other I also need looks ;-)

2. What inspires you to love an activity?

That it's challenging and fun for sport at least, with the extra dimension of intellectual engagement for mental pursuits.

3. Of all of your loves, which one has lasted the longest? Can be for a place, person, thing, activity, the moon, whatever. Which one's the oldest ongoing, and why?

My parents, simply because they've been the longest lasting loved "fixture".

4. What makes you feel loved?

Respect and trust... someone being thoughtful... interesting question, will have to ponder more on this as well.

5. Do you have a favourite love poem? If so, what is it?

I don't do poetry.
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