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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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(no subject)
Food Glorious Food
Tried out Covent Garden's minestrone soup and... didn't like it much. Too tomato-y and herb-y, and not a patch on my Dad's version.

Still loving Hovis's Seed Sensation bread though. Really rich and gorgeous. So much of the bread I've bought recently just falls apart when I try and spread anything on it, but this Hovis stuff is *solid*.

No luck with GPS Tuner and GPX files. For some reason OpenStreetMap is rejecting them. Time to head over to GPS Tuner's forum.

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I saw that television adaptation of "All My Sins Remembered" that everyone is talking about tonight. I hope you are getting some nice fat royalty checks from Jos Whedon.

It's not something I'm familiar with. Wossit-all-about?

What? I swear I put that comment on Joe Haldeman's livejournal.

I must have clicked the wrong "Post a Comment" link.

Sorry, that was intended for SF author Joe Haldeman about Jos Whedon's new TV series "Dollhouse" which has some very significant similarities to his novel "All My Sins Remembered"

Oops, I guess I will go post that in the correct place.

I've been eating Seed Sensations since it first appeared! Another side benefit is that it seems to be able to go for weeks without getting stale or mouldy.

For some reason they only sell it at our local Morrisons, but I love the stuff! It doesn't get left alone long enough for the age test :-)

Hmm - readily available in my local Sainsbury's! I prefer the purple to the orange, but they're both damn fine.

Yep, we got stuck with the light one once, nowhere near as good.

... but still superior to normal bread! And, on balance, probably better for sandwiches than the purple one, because all those seeds can be a little overbearing.

I love the richness of the Seed-ier one though, still my fave for all events :-)

Try a slice toasted with half a can of tuna in oil on it. Or, better still, have two slices.

Coincidentally I just bought some tuna, albeit in brine. One of my favourites though is tinned red salmon with some decent tomatoes. Yum!

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