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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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The Random Three #42
Shure Microphone
The Random Three No. 42 has been uploaded and is ready to feed hungry aggregators.

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  •  Download the MP3 directly (128kbit/s CBR MP3, 38MB, 40mins)

  • Or add therandomthree to your friends list if you just want to download the shows as they appear. Although you'll see them here, so it might be pointless ;-)
    Or you can now find it on iTunes with a bit of searching (it will help to start with to search for "The Random Three").

    What is the Random Three? The Random Three is a podcast with three tracks of often varied and eclectic music that more importantly have some following text, spiel, guff or other such stuff about why the person chose them.

    On this show: A live guest you say? Yessir, yes it is!

    If you have any comments or suggestions about the show, or want to submit your own Random Three, then either post here, or send me an email.

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    Crumbs, that was quick!!

    I'm super-speedy me! :-)

    All seems to have worked OK, once I got the volume settled down after the first track. For some reason I wasn't hearing my boominess.

    Yeah, I noticed that the presence kept coming and going.

    There was a short silence at the beginning of Track #3, by the way. I did notice it during the recording, but forgot to mention it. I'm guessing that you didn't hear the gap during the recording?

    Heh, I heard it as well and forgot to mention, LOL. For some reason the playback paused, which I discovered after a few panicked seconds. Oh well, will confuse the audience ;-)

    I debated unmuting and going "Hello?" - that would have been amusing! :o)

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