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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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BB Piano
Have I damaged my hearing?

My right ear is still "ringing", well it sounds more like a mixture of a tone and white noise. It's been like this for 36 hours now, and is hell when trying to get to sleep. I have taken some pain killers as I can feel some sinus pressure around the ear, and I feel a little dizzy :-(

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sinus meds, decongestants, and anti-inflamatory meds should reduce some of the pressure that is causing the tenitis (thats what it is called, although thats a chronic form.)

its not permanent damage, but it will prolly a take a few days to go away.

Great, thanks for the advice. I took some Lemsip Max Strength, so I'll see if those help. I think you've reduced some of the mental pressure anyway ;-)

i am no stranger to the sudden ringing in the ear.
When I would come home from a long night at the club... listening to my friends spin records... we would be shouting at eachother on the car ride home cuz we couldn't hear anything... it might also have been the fact that we were always ragingly pissed ; )

hope you feel better soon. and if the meds don't help, they will prolly knock you out anyway for a good nap :]

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