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So Lu and Carolina have left for Paris, which means I'm all by my lonesome for 3 days (except that the cleaner is currently here). No coming round and rattling my windows late at night please.

I'm considering a solitary cinema double bill, tomorrow or Sunday, in the shape of Coraline (3D or not) and Angels & Demons. I appreciate the latter is silly rubbish, but I do need a dose of that every now and then to remind me what good films are like. I'm sort of conflicted about going to the cinema by myself. I've done it in the past when I couldn't garner support, and am mostly happy about doing it again, along with the fact that the cinema isn't exactly a place where it's easy to be social. On the other hand it's nice to go along with people, take the piss out of the adverts, and then talk about the film afterwards. I would cite the issue of looking like a billy-no-mates, but I'm not bothered by that. Honest. And I might not go at all.

I would also really like to go and see Let the Right One In, but it's only in the artiest and most distant of cinemas.

My amplifier has been repaired and is ready to be picked up tomorrow. Apparently the lack of sound was caused by three hairline cracks in solder joints - which Amplifier Repair Man really struggled to find - which were caused by age and heat. The amp does get quite hot, so I'm not very surprised, but it does emphasise the need to get a more open TV stand... if I could find anything of a suitable size and layout, which is proving surprisingly difficult. Anyway, at least the repair was cheaper than buying something new. On the TV stand issue, I wonder if I could buy two stands that work height-wise, but by themselves wouldn't be wide enough, then put them side-by-side? Hum. Anyway, looking forward to having the amp back.

Nan is 98 tomorrow, so I'll head over to see her late afternoon, then I've got dinner at my parents booked. There's the possibility on Sunday of my sister and family coming here. OK, so I'm not totally by my lonesome.

I really want to get around to trying my PS3 out properly. I've had a chance to look through the SingStore, and already bought 15 songs. I'm sure there's lots more that would be worthwhile getting, although in a way it would have been cheaper in a sense to have bought the PS3 months ago, and not bought the SingStore volumes on the PS2. Along with SingStar I want to try out LBP and KillZone 2.

And that's pretty much my plans for the weekend, unless I've missed something. I hope Lu is careful and stays safe in Paris.
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