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The Stainless Steel Rat's LiveJournal

The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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(no subject)
SSR Saves the World 3
So we went to the BBQ with Ed & Ana and three other friends. We had a lovely afternoon of BBQing in the sun, along with playing cards and drinking "Matte" tea from Southern Brazil.

Ed & BBQ

^Ed taking a photo of me, taking a photo of the BBQ.

Christian Drinks Tea

^Christian drinks "Matte" tea in the traditional Brazilian cup with special filter straw. Important rule: don't touch the straw!

Ed & Mark

^Ed and another Mark do BBQ chef type things.

Ana & Lu

^Ana & Lu drink nice drinkies beneath the trees.


^We spotted this dog on a rowboat.

Ed's Cofrinho

^Ed shows us his "cofrinho" (coin slot) i.e. builder's bum ;-)

Virgin Balloon

^A hot air balloon went up in the field next to us.

Photographer Ed

^Photographer Ed.


^The BBQees.

Playing Cards 1

^Playing Cards 1. We were playing the Brazilian game "Mau".

Playing Cards 3

^Playing Cards 2

Canal Boats

^Some of the canal boats that you can take a ride on.

Kooky Bench

^I liked this natural wood bench.

Row Boats

^You could also rent rowboats.

Lock Gates

^Millmead lock gates.

Bridge Over the Wey

^The bridge across the Wey to Millmead car park.

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Looks like a really good afternoon

Nice pictures. Minus the plummer shot of your friend's backside. That's an interesting grill you have there. =)

That shot was very necessary ;-)

Yep, they were disposable grills. Ed brought four of 'em, and we used three. Very easy, and with a dash of water they're made safe and chuckable.

Slightly puzzled about the straw - how can you drink from it if you can't touch it?

Ah, you can't touch it with your hands. Mouths are allowed :-)

My instinctive reaction was to grab it, LOL. The other rule is once the team is made for you, you then have to drink all of it. Tasted very much like English Breakfast :-)

Looks like a really nice time had by all in such a lovely setting!


It looks beautiful. Love the placid rowboats.

And Lu gets more ridiculously gorgeous every time you post pics of her!

The Photo Gods weren't really with me yesterday, as I felt that the photos themselves didn't really capture what I felt I was taking - if that makes sense.

I'm sure women say that just to support other women, right? ;-) Blokes will just say how ugly another bloke is :-D

I understand the whims of the Photo Gods completely. Mine have never smiled on me, but I live in hope.

And, heh, I'm just so envious of Lu's hair and beautiful smile. And her ability to make glasses seem so smart-yet-gorgeous. :)

Ahhhh, that's Ana. Lu doesn't wear glasses ;-)


No, wait, hold on ... *double headdesk*

I'll just be in the corner. I'm such a bimbo. I'm so sorry. *hangs head*

LOL. Well technically Lu does wear glasses, but only for VDU stuff typically.

Ana and Lu are kinda similar, so I guess it's possible to get them confused. Although the other gal that was there was very similar to Lu, in a sisterly kinda way, but I didn't get a decent photo of them both together.

Thank you for not getting more photos of everyone together. It would have been even more confusing (read: "confusing for ditzy bimbos like melancthe). :)

*hangs head more*

"I've packed your shifty eyes!" < /Toy Story moment >

Although this could act as proof of my theory that women will alway say other women look good in photos, as a sort of sisterly thing ;-)

Actually, I think it's more proof that some people ("hello, world!") are idiots. *facepalm*


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