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So we went to the BBQ with Ed & Ana and three other friends. We had a lovely afternoon of BBQing in the sun, along with playing cards and drinking "Matte" tea from Southern Brazil.

Ed & BBQ

^Ed taking a photo of me, taking a photo of the BBQ.

Christian Drinks Tea

^Christian drinks "Matte" tea in the traditional Brazilian cup with special filter straw. Important rule: don't touch the straw!

Ed & Mark

^Ed and another Mark do BBQ chef type things.

Ana & Lu

^Ana & Lu drink nice drinkies beneath the trees.


^We spotted this dog on a rowboat.

Ed's Cofrinho

^Ed shows us his "cofrinho" (coin slot) i.e. builder's bum ;-)

Virgin Balloon

^A hot air balloon went up in the field next to us.

Photographer Ed

^Photographer Ed.


^The BBQees.

Playing Cards 1

^Playing Cards 1. We were playing the Brazilian game "Mau".

Playing Cards 3

^Playing Cards 2

Canal Boats

^Some of the canal boats that you can take a ride on.

Kooky Bench

^I liked this natural wood bench.

Row Boats

^You could also rent rowboats.

Lock Gates

^Millmead lock gates.

Bridge Over the Wey

^The bridge across the Wey to Millmead car park.
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