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Gorgeous weather this morning, which I was up relatively early to see. Lu has headed off to the shops with Ana to try and buy maternity clothes, so I've been relaxing - read: sleeping - most of the morning and early afternoon. I woke up around 1:30pm in the strangest of moods - a sort of mixture between panic and a sugar crash. Not sure if I had been dreaming, snoring, and/or gritting my teeth, but I did my best to keep a lid on it, and made some lunch, which is now easing the feelings.

Need to have a shower, which I'm procrastinating about, so I can head off to the Bourne Show (a sort of local fête thing). Only really going to that because (a) Mum is on a stall and (b) I wondered if there would be some photo opps. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE PHOTO OPPS! Ggggnnnnnnnnn...

Then we're off to Pizza Express for Mum's belated birthday celebration.

It looks very much like a huge storm is brewing up though, despite the blue skies this morning, so I'm wondering if we're going to make the fête.

In other news...

Recorded a double podcast yesterday. First was with steveeeee, which was a great session, although I was partly brain dead for some reason (as evident by the gaps where my feeble mind was trying to process data). Skype decided to drop to "8-bit" quality just as the actual recording started, and I think my level was a bit low, but it was still a great show with some cracking music. The second was with someone I know from Twitter, although she had submitted a textual version that I read out, rather than acting as a live guest. A great show again though, with some good tunes, and I was more in the swing of things.
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