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Cinema Rant

So in the second week of release of Moon, how many cinemas are Odeon and Vue showing it at? Both 7.

It's bleedin' ridiculous. Of course it was great that the film was made in Britain, although I try not to do patriotism. But from what I can tell it's a really good intelligent science fiction film (more on general opinion later). Would it be too much to dedicate one or two screens in a ten screen cinema to something small, independent and intelligent? Blockbusters don't always pull in the crowds - I've been to "big" films a number of times and ended up in a small audience. Perhaps given some time and some education people would appreciate and go more to these smaller and more intelligent films.

This is what's on this week at the local Odeon, with the IMDB score for each:

G-Force = 4.3
Ice Age 3 = 7.3
Bruno = 7
Coraline = 8 (good film that it's good to see still on, probably for the school holidays)
GI Joe = not rated yet (purported to be entertaining)
Harry Potter 6 = 7.7
Land of the Lost = 5.4
Public Enemies = 7.6
The Damned United = 8.0 (small independent film. Yay!)
The Hangover = 8.2 (surprised to see this with such a high score based on what I've heard about it)
The Proposal = 7.2 (I hear this is another formulaic SB romcom)
Taking of Pelham 123 = 6.9
The Ugly Truth = 6.3
Transformers 2 = 6.3

There are four films which are at the magic (around) 6 out of 10 or less, as an indication of less than popular opinion in IMDB terms - bearing in mind the not-so-great films tend to slide further downwards as time goes on.

And what score does Moon have? 8.3. Surely that should be an indication of popular opinion about the film, and that it may even make financial sense - in terms of audience returns - to show something of this type.

Thus the rant endeth.

And is it me, or has LJ been as slow as a dog the last couple of days?
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