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The Rat who is made of Stainless Steel

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Cinema Rant
So in the second week of release of Moon, how many cinemas are Odeon and Vue showing it at? Both 7.

It's bleedin' ridiculous. Of course it was great that the film was made in Britain, although I try not to do patriotism. But from what I can tell it's a really good intelligent science fiction film (more on general opinion later). Would it be too much to dedicate one or two screens in a ten screen cinema to something small, independent and intelligent? Blockbusters don't always pull in the crowds - I've been to "big" films a number of times and ended up in a small audience. Perhaps given some time and some education people would appreciate and go more to these smaller and more intelligent films.

This is what's on this week at the local Odeon, with the IMDB score for each:

G-Force = 4.3
Ice Age 3 = 7.3
Bruno = 7
Coraline = 8 (good film that it's good to see still on, probably for the school holidays)
GI Joe = not rated yet (purported to be entertaining)
Harry Potter 6 = 7.7
Land of the Lost = 5.4
Public Enemies = 7.6
The Damned United = 8.0 (small independent film. Yay!)
The Hangover = 8.2 (surprised to see this with such a high score based on what I've heard about it)
The Proposal = 7.2 (I hear this is another formulaic SB romcom)
Taking of Pelham 123 = 6.9
The Ugly Truth = 6.3
Transformers 2 = 6.3

There are four films which are at the magic (around) 6 out of 10 or less, as an indication of less than popular opinion in IMDB terms - bearing in mind the not-so-great films tend to slide further downwards as time goes on.

And what score does Moon have? 8.3. Surely that should be an indication of popular opinion about the film, and that it may even make financial sense - in terms of audience returns - to show something of this type.

Thus the rant endeth.

And is it me, or has LJ been as slow as a dog the last couple of days?

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I really enjoyed The Proposal. It's charming and there are some really good one-liners. I'm surprise to see Bruno with 7 - I thought it was supposed to be rub? Not my thing, though, anyway.

I'm sure The Proposal is entertaining - I nearly went to see it - but would you say it's fairly formulaic?

I suspect Bruno's score will drop, although the review I heard portrayed it as similar to Borat, just more extreme and staged. I've not seen Borat or Bruno though.

Emm.. not more so than any other rom com or action or crime movie. Let's face it, there are only so many plots and they're regularly rechurned for our cinema-going entertainment. For me, it's all about the characterisation, the humour and the acting e.g., in the same vein, I thought 27 dresses was dreadful.

Sandra definitely has a better chance than most of doing a decent romcom - I thought Forces of Nature was great. Perhaps the other issue though is she's done 6 or 7 romcoms now.

Agreed that she's utterly typecast.

Also, and I'm genuinely not being bitchy here, it's fairly obvious she's had some *work* done and she's not getting any younger - the fresh faced Miss Congeniality is no more and I'm not convinced she can pull if off much longer. I hope she continues to get roles when the inevitable occurs because I do think she is good and it's such a shame that there aren't many roles around for older women.

I hope she takes a few more risks, although she does have a fairly broad set of roles in her filmography - I guess she just gets well known for romcoms because it's such a narrow genre.

I did think her face looked a little stretched when I last saw her interviewed.

The difficulty I find is that once an actor has done 10+ films it starts to get a bit boring seeing them again and again, particularly if they stick to a genre. I've got a real thing for originality and new things though, and I guess that's not helpful for an actor's career! ;-)

This one is a bit different because she plays an absolute bitch which, *flips through mental rolodex*, I don't think she has before. The character really isn't likeable for the first half of the film and she really is treated with utter disdain by her romantic hero. Slightly left field, but there's still no doubt as to what will happen in the end, but then that's the same for all romcoms.

I read (well written) chick lit too and can count on the fingers of one nose the number of times that the ultimate outcome hasn't been obvious.

I'm still pretty annoyed about Moon. Why did Cineworld pick Stevenage over Cambridge!!! Sure, Stevenage isn't too far away but I can't afford a special trip there just to see a movie.

They seem to have picked their "art house" cinemas, as art house as chains get anyway.

Oooh, I wonder if that means that Moon might be shown at Ely Maltings at some point soon? It's not a proper cinema but they show a movie every Sunday...

We have a Maltings close by that does similar, although it can take a fair time for films to arrive there.

I also dislike this sort of thing. That and cinema ticket prices, which seem to have ballooned in recent years. Why can't multiplexes use just one of their screens to show something that's not cinema by numbers? The cinema I used to go to as a student in York had a nice mix - one large screen with a money-making blockbuster, and two smaller screens showing foreign/independent/arty/older films. If a small cinema like that can pull off something like that. At least we have the Lings Forum in Northampton! I note that Moon is showing in late September for 3 nights, though I am not in Northampton at that time.

Also, The Damned United's a bit old to be in the cinema now, isn't it? I saw it here in March.

PS I enjoyed The Hangover.

It might have been one of their senior citizen screenings for the Damned United. They seem to do these one off showings with tea and biscuits.

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