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I'm so sleepy at the moment. I could have breakfast, go back to bed. Have lunch, go back to bed. Have dinner and... you guessed it, go back to bed. Doesn't sound quite right does it? With a view to staying awake this morning I'm going to go and have a shower, and then do some food shopping (if I can stay awake). I also need to put the house into "guests are visiting mode" i.e. clean, and move all the junk upstairs.

The rashes are back. Curiously the rashes themselves aren't actually that bad, more that they are just itchy areas that are slightly red, but where I scratch comes up in great big raised areas, as if I'm hyper allergic to the actual scratching. Weird. I asked Lu to take some photos of the resulting rash from the scratching, and she got some corkers although they aren't really suitable for public consumption. I took a couple of great pictures a while back, including this weird one where someone just lightly touched my arm (you can even make out the fingers). What the heck is causing it?

I'm also really photophobic again, so have closed the blackout blind. I can feel a headache coming on though, so this might be why.

I get really irritated by people that go on and on about illnesses. I really don't want to become one of those people, if I haven't already. Please stop now illnesses! Or perhaps this is just karma.

In other news...

I've been trying to backup my PC over wireless. With both the past and new router, when I do this it causes the Internet connection to behave very erratically - sometimes pages will load immediately, and other times just timeout. No idea why this is happening, but it's very annoying. Even worse is it continues after the backup has finished and the router isn't under load. Normally I have to unplug both the cable modem and the router for a couple of minutes to restore a fully working connection. Why it would be affecting the modem I have no idea. Technology is particularly annoying when it doesn't appear to be working in a logical fashion.

I had a call from Lu. She has made it to Westfield shopping centre and is OK. I miss her already.

I felt the baby move again yesterday. Amazing stuff.
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