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Another sleepy wasteful Sunday, for pessimists. Or a lovely relaxed battery recharging Sunday, for optimists.

And the waking hours have mostly been occupied with tidying up, ironing or Uncharted 2. I've just finished the latter which was a lot of fun. Overall I'd score it 4/5. The awesome graphics continued, and it's as close to an interactive film experience as I've ever played. But it didn't do anything particularly original, and to be a classic you have to move the genre on somehow IMO. Even so, I was sad when it ended, which is the sign of a very good game. I could have sworn I heard bits from Tomb Raider 2's soundtrack, the film that is. It also reminded me of Batman Arkham Asylum, in that it was a relatively straightforward game wrapped in beautiful packaging - although I prefer Uncharted 2. Not sure I'll bother with the multiplayer, because that will be filled with teenagers who play it 24/7.

Back to work tomorrow, although a late start due to a late meeting.
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